The need to communicate

I opened a Twitter account recently.  Before that, I opened this blog (which, I admit, I should take more care of).

Add to that a Myspace account I’ve had for a year and a half, a Facebook account, a YouTube and a Vimeo channel for my videos, and then other accounts on not-so-popular sites.

There are two reasons why I’ve put my soul in front of a potentially infinite expansion of itself throughout the internet:

1- The need to stay in touch.

2- The need to be constantly informed and to inform others, when I can.

I’ve heard many times people criticize the extensive use of social networks as a symbol of our society’s transition from a face-to-face society to a screen-to-screen society.

On the contrary, I feel that this urge of staying constantly in touch, updating statuses every five minutes, is a sign of our increased need of communication.

There is one fundamental problem, though.

One must be able to balance the time spent typing with tens, hundreds or even thousands of strangers, and a proper face-to-face interaction with friends, family or even the guy standing next to you on the bus.

Sometimes a smile can mean more than a million tweets, a beer with a friend more than a million status updates.


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