Burning Bureaucracy: Calderoli, Italy’s Rambo-style Minister

Italy finally has its own Rambo-style minister.

It’s Roberto Calderoli, Ministro della Semplificazione – the minister whose task is to simplify Italy’s bureaucracy.

His style is quite unique, as you can tell by the pictures. (Credit: Imagoeconomica)

After collecting 375,000 allegedly useless and outdated laws, amendments and other government documents, Calderoli put them all in boxes and had them stacked one on top of the other in front of a fire department in Rome.

He then threw some gas over the boxes and set the whole thing on fire.

Quite a show!

Sure, he could have gone down the environmental route and recycled all that paper. But a nice big fire is certainly going to attract more photographers.

Let’s just hope people don’t follow the minister’s example. Two years ago, burning trash didn’t really work out in Naples and the surrounding towns, where an environmental disaster is quickly developing. Roberto Saviano explains all of that in his amazing book, Gomorrah.

Still, Calderoli definitely needs to be commended for his hard work. According to Corriere della Sera’s Gian Antonio Stella, he has been able to cross out “more than one law a minute” since he got into office in 2008. I’m sure Calderoli is a fast reader and has gone through every single one of the 375,000 laws.

If he hasn’t, I just hope nothing really important ended up between the trash.

The Constitution still seems to be in place. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before he burns that, too.


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