RNC and Lavish Lifestyle: So Much to Learn From Berlusconi

When it comes to leading a lavish lifestyle and spending heaps of money on extravagant expenses, such as fancy hotels or bondage-themed clubs, some members of the Republican National Committee have lots to learn from one famous Italian politician

Starting today, their new model should be Silvio Berlusconi, the ultimate partier.

He celebrates the 18th birthday party of an unknown girl who he’s been inviting to various events for some time; he spends the night of Nov. 4, when the world was celebrating Barack Obama’s election, in his bed with a professional escort; and he has built a castle-like mansion in Sardinia where men and women can roam around naked.

And what happens to him? Nothing.

Well, his second wife did break up with him, asking for a multi-billion divorce settlement. She also wrote a letter in which she said she couldn’t stand it anymore, all these “virgins offering themselves to the dragon” – the dragon being the mythical Silvio, of course.

So I imagine Berlusconi right now, sitting in the prime minister’s home – Palazzo Grazioli – and smiling at the news of RNC members getting caught at a Los Angeles nightclub. Such amateurs.

The Italian prime minister, if he were to be consulted, would tell the RNC to use all this media attention to their advantage. That’s what he did.

He let everyone know, including the Spanish Prime Minister, that he “never paid for sexual acts,” because it’s quite clear his irresistible charm is what attracts women.

It must be the shiny hair implants. Tony Blair once had a close look at the newly planted brown growths and didn’t seem too displeased with the overall result.

And what is Sarah Palin thinking, going around and canceling appearances at fundraising events? She should go and tell everyone to mind their own business. That’s what he’d do, the omnipotent Berlusconi. No need to justify your acts. It’s a free country, we’re all free people, right? Why should anyone pay the consequences of a little private fun? So what if it’s someone else’s money?

Amateurs. Berlusconi can’t stand them. Every now and then he even has to deal with such amateurs back home, in Italy. Not everyone, evidently, has learned from him. But he tries to help, like when he told former Lazio governor Piero Marrazzo to stay calm, that his privately-owned publications and TV channels would not disclose the news that the governor liked to spend his free-time with transsexual prostitutes.

He couldn’t do much when it came to an allied parliamentarian getting caught attending cocaine parties and spending his nights with prostitutes right across the street from the U.S. embassy on Via Veneto, or when an opposition leader in Puglia was caught having multiple affairs with multiple escorts.

“I didn’t know they were escorts,” said Sandro Frisullo, regional representative and former member of the PD party.

Nice try, Sandro, but that’s not good enough. You’ve got to let everyone know it was great, you had a ball and it’s none of anyone’s business. Then you sit still, let the storm go by, and all will be forgotten.

You’ve got to trust Berlusconi’s model. It’s worked for quite some time.


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