Shameless Journalist Emilio Fede Criticizes Saviano and Gomorrah

There’s this veteran journalist in Italy, Emilio Fede, who is known for his pro-Berlusconi bias. That’s fine with me, he’s got his political views and I respect that.

I don’t like the fact that he has a highly visible and national TV news program to express his partisan views, but he’s on a private, Berlusconi-owned

Emilio Fede, picture from

(and unconstitutional) TV channel, so I guess he’s free to say what he wants.

What he’s not free to say, at least not without me getting very angry for it, is that Roberto Saviano is “not a hero,” suggesting the author of Gomorrah should not try to be at the center of attention all the time. He’s said it before, but this time it was for a different reason.

Fede, who often is infuriated with fellow staff members if some news item regarding Berlusconi goes wrong, has touched a level of indignity that I, as an Italian, am ashamed of. The journalist’s attempt at defending a shameful announcement made by Berlusconi a few weeks ago is much worse than Berlusconi’s initial criticism of Gomorrah.

Fede criticizes Saviano for allegedly being all over the headlines, as if he were some Hollywood star trying to get his picture on every single magazine cover. “Many others have written about organized crime and haven’t made such a fuss about it,” he said on Monday, during his evening broadcast.

“Many others have done it without annoying people…”

Fede is correct: Many others have indeed written, talked and sung about organized crime, which in Gomorrah’s case is the Camorra in and around Naples.

The problem, however, is exactly the opposite of what Fede says it is.

So far, those who have spoken out against these criminal organizations have not been effective enough because their message did not spread throughout the Italian population. Instead, with Saviano and his book Gomorrah, certain realities are finally being exposed on a bigger scale. It is not quite yet the mass media scale, the one that Fede and Berlusconi both have the privilege of using every day, but it’s certainly better than staying in the dark.

Keeping authors such as Saviano in the darkness is equivalent to keeping the population in the darkness. To say that Saviano is “annoying” people is a blatant promotion of ignorance. Fede is simply telling his viewers that a book on the Camorra isn’t such a big deal, so why read it?

Here’s why:

The solution to these criminal organizations, which are widespread cancers on an otherwise beautiful land populated by hardworking people, is to expose them every day, as much as possible. People all over Italy will be so sick with the violence and the corruption that they will organize themselves to repudiate such hateful groups.

A big reason why these organizations have been able to spread is because so little is known about them. Saviano does an excellent and heroic job at breaking down the network of organizations that make up the Camorra. Fede, instead, humiliates himself by telling people Saviano is an attention-seaking writer. Even worse, Fede wants everyone to remain ignorant and happy in front of his openly biased news program.

A new low-standard of shamelessness has been achieved. I hope Fede claims the copyright before his owner, the almighty Berlusconi, puts his hands over that, too.


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